Innovate in the face of uncertainty

A new eBook from Indeed highlights why now is the right time for organisations to review their hiring strategies, despite the prevalence of economic uncertainty.
By: | April 6, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring economic uncertainty and unemployment across many countries, talent acquisition and HR leaders should view the current situation as an opportunity to hire great talent, according to Indeed.

In a new eBook titled The New Science of Hiring: 6 Strategies, Indeed explains why organisations should consider looking for talent beyond their traditional geographic boundaries, and how virtual hiring can help diversify your organisation’s hiring.

The eBook will also offer strategies for narrowing the candidate pool when faced with an overwhelming volume of applicants, as Indeed highlights how the best high-level hiring strategy going forward is to use this unpredictable time to experiment.

Indeed adds that organisations need to try different things, tap into new talent pools, encourage their teams to innovate and do not be afraid to fail.

Click here to download the eBook, and master the art and science of attracting the most suitable candidates!