Malaysia studies feasibility of four-day work week

More thought must go into how this working arrangement can work, says the country’s Public Service Department.
By: | July 4, 2022

Malaysia’s Public Service Department (JPA) has set up a dedicated team to study the implementation of a four-day work week. 

“The team will research on behalf of the government which sectors, as well as maximum and minimum working hours based on the Employment Act 1955, before making a decision,” said JPA director-general Mohd Shafiq Abdullah at a press conference, reports Bernama

“A few countries in Europe have implemented the four-day working week, but only for certain jobs,” he said. 

The move to the four-day work week took the spotlight earlier in June, when it was implemented for 3,000 employees in 70 UK companies.

Many details on this working arrangement will need to be ironed out as there are many different kinds of jobs now and working days and breaks will need to be studied, the director-general noted. 

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However, industry players have voiced concern against such an adoption. Ding Hong Sing, president of the SME Association of Malaysia has said that working fewer hours in Malaysia will result in less output and subsequently higher prices in the market as companies still need to cover their fixed costs.