More AI Jobs filled by people with autism

People with autism can fill up AI jobs that are highly repetitive and analytical.
By: | August 28, 2019

A new trend has emerged with companies hiring more workers with autism who can do AI jobs. These jobs are often repetitive and can go on for long hours or require highly analytical skills.

Leading companies such as Dell and Microsoft are on the look out for autistic applicants to fill AI jobs through neurodiversity programmes they have established. Fortune 500 companies are also starting similar programmes to hire autistic people, quoted the Wall Street Journal.

Companies that have hired autistic workers say they are hyper-focused and highly analytical thinkers who are very proficient in technology. Workers with autism can work for long hours at repetitive tasks and not lose interest.

There is a growing demand for workers with skills in AI, data science and related areas. CompTIA, a tech trade group, has claimed that the IT jobless rate is at a 20-year low.

But the majority of people with autism are still unemployed, though there are now programmes in place to get them hired.

Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, a New York non-profit that advises companies on setting up autism hiring programmes, has about 50 companies participating currently.