Over 12,000 tech jobs available in Singapore

Between April to early November, over 7,000 jobseekers have been placed into jobs, traineeships and attachments in the ICT sector.
By: | November 26, 2020

As of early November, Singapore has over 12,000 job openings in the infocomm tech (ICT) sector, highlights the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in its latest jobs situation report.

Of those, about 95% are in Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMET) roles like Software, Web and Applications Developers and Network Engineers. 

MOM also highlighted that 30% of the jobs are in tech-lite roles, such as Customer Success Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist and Pre-Sales Consultant, which it says “may appeal more to mid-career individuals who are looking to switch careers into ICT”. 

Between April to early November, over 7,000 jobseekers have been placed into jobs, company-hosted traineeships and attachments, as well as training roles in the ICT sector. 

This sector is also one that boasts the highest placement among all other sectors under the government’s dedicated reskilling, retraining and jobs placement programme, said the ministry.

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Since 2015, local employment in the ICT sector has expanded by 17,000, contributing 71% of the industry’s total employment of 190,200.

To broaden opportunities in the industry, the government and the industry have rolled out training and reskilling programmes for new hires and the existing workforce, which will contribute 5,500 job placement opportunities in companies over the next three years. Workers will also have access to company-hosted traineeships and attachments, which currently total 4,900 positions.