Pregnant workers in Cambodia benefit from government subsidies

The government’s subsidy programme has disbursed US$24 million to pregnant workers since its launch in January 2018.
By: | May 6, 2021

From its launch till May 2, the funds have benefited 243,615 women and 245,283 babies, said director of customer service and public relations for the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Heng Sophannarith. 

Female workers registered with the NSSF and working in the formal and informal sectors are eligible for allowances from the government – US$$100 for one child, US$$200 for twins and US$300 for triplets. 

To claim the subsidies, workers who are pregnant for 26 weeks or more need to complete a form at the NSSF office no later than three months before date of expected delivery, and show proof of fetal echocardiography letter with the expected date of delivery, membership card of NSSF or Health Equity Fund, Khmer identity card and a contact number.  

If the workers have not completed the form at NSSF office within the mentioned period, they or their representatives need to inform NSSF no later than one month before the date of delivery.  

If there is no NSSF agent present during the workers’ day of delivery, the workers or their relatives must contact the NSSF via its hotline. 

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Even with the NSSF subsidy programme in place, an Oxfam report said Cambodia’s national legislation has not provided women with enough maternity protection. For example, informal female workers are not yet included in the social security system via the Labour Law, according to Khmer Times.