Readers Choice 2019: Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System

TalentMind is named the Best HR Tech – Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System in the 2019 HRM Asia Readers Choice Awards.
By: | December 6, 2019

Sho Kondo, Head of TalentMind, is still celebrating the company for its success in the HRM Asia Readers Choice Awards.  TalentMind was judged the Gold Award winner in the Best HR Tech – Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System category, providing an excellent recognition for his team and products.

“Having the judges and readers evaluate us, and ultimately coming out tops, is a great justification to the work that we’re doing at TalentMind and AnyMind Group – not just in developing such a powerful platform to help HR and recruitment professionals scale their activities, but also in ensuring our clients are able to onboard the TalentMind platform to fit it seamlessly into their hiring efforts,” he said. TalentMind was launched in January 2018, and has quickly made an impact on recruitment markets across Asia.

“Our objective was to make the recruitment process much more efficient for HR professionals,” Kondo said. “This has evolved into a more comprehensive platform that includes an artificial intelligence-driven candidate screening function and applicant tracking system, but also a HR Information System – empowering HR professionals with even more streamlined data utilisation, insight, and action across recruitment and employee management.

Artificial intelligence has only rarely been used in the recruitment function previously, but Kondo says there are powerful applications if the data quality is there. “The beauty in what we’re doing though is combining data points from employees – including average tenure and performance – to better guide talent acquisition efforts,” he says. “This provides a more comprehensive and data-driven view into the wider span of HR.

“At TalentMind, we believe that technology is a true enabler for HR professionals, reducing manual or mundane work and empowering users to focus on more strategic aspects of their already vast work scope. Additionally, useable data is no longer limited by geographical or departmental boundaries, providing additional scale to what HR can achieve across the entire organisation.”

The team from TalentMind were unable to join the Readers Choice Awards Gala Ceremony on November 1, but were excited to receive the trophy at their office a few days later.


TalentMind is a HR technology business and part of AnyMind Group. Through TalentMind’s recruitment solution, HR professionals can make hiring more data-driven and efficient. Leveraging on an AI-driven screening solution, TalentMind identifies and scores potential job candidates through their resume, social media and competency data, whilst learning the hiring manager’s preferences.

All hiring activity is managed through a single TalentMind applicant tracking system. TalentMind has also just launched HR management system that manages employee data, including attendance and absences, along with payroll.