Rolls-Royce to create more jobs in Singapore

Plane engine maker Rolls-Royce is looking to hire more jobs in Singapore as it looks to expand its presence in South East Asia.
By: | February 14, 2020

British engineering giant Rolls-Royce has announced they will increase their workforce in Singapore by 10% as it looks to expand their presence in South East Asia.

The company, who employs over 2,500 workers in Singapore, will hire more technicians and engineers as it moves to increase its plane engine production capacity.

85% of the Rolls-Royce staff are Singaporeans or permanent residents.

Rolls-Royce’s President for South-east Asia, Pacific and South Korea, Dr Bicky Bhangu announced the company’s plans to the media at the Singapore Airshow on February 12.

“We are working very closely with our five polytechnics, with our ITEs, and with the unions and several ministries, to make sure that Singapore is upscaling at the same rate that we are ramping up our capacity,” he said.

“We’ve seen 10 per cent growth year on year. Asean continues to be a double-digit growth for us in the very near future.”