Shine on, stay humble: Five key factors successful leaders work with 

To be a successful yet humble leader, there are five elements which people can incorporate in their daily routines to become effective in heading any team.
By: | May 22, 2023

Organisational success is dependent not on one person, but every individual within the organisation, according to Brendan P Keegan, Chairman, CEO and President of Merchants Fleet, a fleet management company.

“I stay grounded about the contributions of others by not letting our marketing department use the word “I” in our content,” he said, while emphasising the importance of authenticity and acknowledging the contributions of the entire team.

This, said Keegan, is one of five key elements that can allow leaders to maintain the balance between touting their own success and staying grounded. Writing for Entrepreneur, he also highlighted the importance of being available and personable. No matter how busy leaders are, they must make sure they respond to any request, whether within their organisation or to external business opportunities.

Opening acknowledging and talking about mistakes made is also key for leaders, as it demonstrates trustworthiness and will lead to an increase in open dialogue and communication between both them and their subordinates.

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To maintain confidence and humility, Keegan also advised against excessive displays of outward emotions when success is accrued. Instead, act as if this is not the first time such success has been achieved, even if that is not the case.

Lastly, Keegan emphasised the importance of balance, with the fight over humility and success being a daily occurrence that one must be open about. “My experience has shown that doing that makes you significantly more relatable and likable, so don’t be afraid to take pride in where you are while showing warts and all,” Kee concluded.