Taiwan wants to equip workforce with AI skills

Unions can apply for subsidies to train workers in artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare the workforce for disruptions brought by a changing labour market.
By: | July 26, 2022

This was recently announced by the Ministry of Labour, which said nearly every industry would be affected by AI in some way, influencing the nature of work, the economy and society at large.

Department of Employment Relations Director Wang Hou-wei said job structures would change, as would the relationship between workers and employers.

For example, about 60% of employees at foreign banks have a background in information technology, he said, adding that aside from financial expertise, knowledge of technology clearly provides broader career opportunities.

However, as AI develops, it might take over tasks that are today fulfilled by workers, Wang added. 

While some hold that AI would create new types of jobs, they would likely be complex and have a high entry barrier, making it difficult for some people to switch careers, Wang said. 

To better prepare for the future, Wang advised workers to learn more about AI development and hone their skills in trending fields.  The ministry has allocated funds in its budget for this year to assist in this effort, he said. 

Labour unions that have been operating for at least a year have until August 12 apply with the ministry for subsidies to set up AI training courses, he said. 

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The courses are meant to teach people about the potential effects of AI on their labour rights and other aspects of their jobs, Wang added, according to Taipei Times.