Taking a long-term approach to career planning

Creating a fulfilling and stable career requires intentional career planning, including self-questioning as a first step.
By: | May 5, 2023

While job hopping may offer opportunities to explore various roles and potentially earn more money, it also offers significant drawbacks, including creating a “chaotic” life, according to Phoebe Gavin, a career and leadership coach.

To establish a stable and fulfilling career, Gavin recommended taking a long-term approach to career development. Instead of letting chance determine one’s career path, individuals should consider what they want to build for themselves and plan accordingly. While forward planning can be challenging, Gavin believes that it is essential to avoid short-term considerations and make intentional career decisions.

Speaking with CNBC Make It, she said, “Take the long view. Be thoughtful about what you’re building for yourself instead of letting the winds of chance blow you wherever they’re going to blow you.”

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Self-questioning is the first step in finding a more stable and fulfilling career, starting with asking oneself where they want to be in a year, three years, and five years. Although it is not necessary to have a perfect picture of a dream job, Gavin stressed the importance of checking in regularly to evaluate that one still feels good about their current job after a year. If not, it may be time to make some adjustments and devise a plan for achieving career goals.

While jumping from one job to the next may be tempting, taking a more intentional and deliberate approach can lead to greater career control and ultimately higher pay. As Gavin noted, consistently taking the long view can help individuals build a career that they are in control of, even if it means spending a little more time in a job that they might not necessarily love.