Do you know what your employees want in their careers?

To help employees find a fulfilling career, organisations can start by understanding what different employees are prioritising at work.
By: | January 16, 2023

Fair remuneration, workplace ethics, and work conditions are the top three most important aspects of a job for employees in Singapore, a new survey from the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) has found.

However, employers should note that employees in various age groups prioritise different job aspects. For instance, those aged between 21 and 34 value growth and learning, as well as career advancement, more than those aged 35 to 54, and those aged 55 and above.

These older employees, the survey found, are more likely to be concerned about job security than their younger counterparts. They are also less likely to be aware of and open to workplace changes, reported CNA.

63% of respondents aged 55 and above agreed or strongly agreed that they would be open to changes at work, compared to 77% of those aged 35 to 54 and 83% of those aged 21 to 34.

In terms of overall job satisfaction, professionals, managers, executives, and technicians (PMETs) are more likely to find meaning and purpose on their work compared to clerical, or service workers and cleaners and labourers.

More than six in 10 PMETs agreed that it is true or very true that they have found a meaningful careers, and that their work makes a positive difference in the word. For clericals, sales, and service workers, 42% said that it was true or very true that that found a meaningful career, and 46% agreed that their work makes a positive difference.

The corresponding numbers for production and transport operators, cleaners and labourers are 43% and 55% respectively. 

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Highlighting the importance of these findings as employees look for a fulfilling career, Dr Laurel Teo, who co-led the research, said, “When you find meaningful work and you find fulfilment, it helps you to be motivated to pursue your job further, improve yourself in your career, and also to stay longer in the job.”