Thailand HR TECH 2024 to showcase AI-driven leadership

The Thailand HR TECH 2024 explores technology’s role in leadership, sustainability, and wellbeing with over 100 global experts.
By: | July 1, 2024

Mark your calendars for the Thailand HR TECH Conference & Exposition 2024, a premier event set to take place on 2-3 July 2024 at Paragon Hall, Bangkok. Organised by the Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT), this two-day event will dive deep into the theme The Digital & AI Landscape of Leadership, Sustainability, and Wellbeing.  

Technology’s accessibility and impact on the workforce

As technology becomes more accessible and affordable, it is transforming the workplace at an unprecedented rate. A study by Deloitte highlighted that 82% of business leaders have deployed or plan to deploy AI in their operations in 2024, aiming to enhance efficiency and streamline processes. While AI is automating routine tasks, it is crucial for employees to upskill and adapt to these technological advancements. The World Economic Forum noted that 87% of business leaders expect a quarter of their workforce to need reskilling due to AI.

The role of technology in HR

Technology is revolutionising HR practices by enabling data-driven decision-making, improving employee engagement, and optimising talent management. AI-powered tools can analyse employee performance, predict attrition, and personalise learning experiences, thus fostering a more productive and satisfied workforce. For example, AI in HR can automate recruitment processes, reduce bias, and ensure better candidate-job fit.

AI’s contribution to leadership, sustainability, and wellbeing

AI plays a critical role in shaping modern leadership, promoting sustainability, and enhancing employee wellbeing. It aids leaders in making informed decisions and fostering an innovative and ethical organisational culture. Moreover, AI-driven solutions are vital for sustainability efforts, helping organisations optimise resource use and reduce their environmental footprint. In terms of wellbeing, AI can monitor employee health, predict burnout, and suggest interventions to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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The Thailand HR TECH Conference & Exposition 2024 dives deep into how technology can power leadership development, sustainability initiatives, and employee wellbeing. Attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration across three main stages with keynote speakers, panel discussions, and presentations that will delve into various HR tech topics.

Over 100 global experts will share their insights on the latest HR tech trends across 78 sessions offered in both Thai and English. This ensures attendees have ample opportunity to learn about the newest HR tech products and services. Additionally, 10 hands-on workshops provide practical training on various HR tech applications.

Top 10 reasons to attend Thailand HR TECH 2024

  1. Stay updated on people management trends: Learn from over 70 sessions delivered by global experts, ensuring attendees are prepared for the future of work.
  2. Hands-on HR tech experience: Explore cutting-edge HR products from over 140 leading tech vendors.
  3. Learn from HR tech gurus: Attend insightful panels and workshops on next-generation HR solutions, cutting-edge HR technologies, and more.
  4. Network with HR professionals: Connect with peers and experts to expand the professional network and foster long-term business relationships.
  5. Golden opportunity for start-ups: Witness exciting start-up demo pitches showcasing innovative solutions poised to transform HR.
  6. Promote employee wellbeing: Discover technologies that enhance employee happiness and productivity, ensuring sustainable organisational growth.
  7. Interactive workshops: Engage in workshops designed to enhance skills, whether one is a novice or an experienced professional.
  8. Direct conversations with experts: Enjoy opportunities to have one-on-one discussions with industry experts and gain valuable insights.
  9. Explore AI-driven efficiency: Learn how AI can streamline operations, boost organisational effectiveness and gain valuable insights.
  10. Open new career opportunities: Gain knowledge and skills that will propel careers forward, regardless of professional background.

Register now and take your HR skills to the next level at Thailand HR TECH 2024.

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