The three key traits to effective leadership

Leaders must develop three key traits to lead their organisations and people through times of uncertainty.
By: | April 12, 2023

During this time of economic uncertainty and turbulence, organisations need effective leaders who can help their teams overcome challenges and thrive.  

For that to happen, leaders must be open to and absorbing feedback, said Leeatt Rothschild, Founder and CEO of Packed with Purpose, and Forbes Council Member. Writing for Forbes, he highlighted how having the ability to leverage feedback wisely will allow leaders to see previously unknown blind spots, uncover valuable perspectives, and provide important insights that can make them better leaders. The skill for this, said Rothschild, requires leaders to be completely open to listen, learn and be transparent while keeping their inherent self-belief, confidence, and values. 

Leaders must also be empathic in treating partners, employees, and clients as human first. Any decision made should be based on the principle of putting them first, which will help preserve relationships. This, said Rothschild, will be beneficial when it comes to making tough decisions, such as discussing new solutions with partners; or when it comes to restructuring the organisations. Clear communication and empathetic conversation are key to making sure that any tough conversations are done with compassion and transparency. 

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Lastly, leaders should strive to work with clients and partners to find solutions that orient around addressing their concerns while still working in leaders’ favour. This includes communicating issues when they arise, offering solutions and spending time on both to identify viable aspects for maximum results. This will not only build up loyalty and goodwill but also help ease the difficulties teams may have had in the past to resolve issues such as supply chain problems, costs, and operational bottlenecks.