Transforming change management, by Schroders

Gunnar Jaschik, Operations Transformation and Change Manager, Schroders, has highlighted a model for digital transformation at HR Festival Asia.
By: | May 8, 2019


The first-ever HR Festival Asia, brought to you by the combined experience of HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US) and HR Summit (Asia), takes over the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on May 8 and 9.

With a line-up of more than 100 speakers across six dedicated streams, and an Expo Hall with more than 100 exhibitors, there’s a little something for everyone at the event.

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With transformation now a constant for businesses in Asia-Pacific, the onus remains on HR to steer the wheels.

“As HR, we continue to have an important role to play in the future of our organisations,” Gunnar Jaschik, Operations Transformation and Change Manager, Schroders, told HR Festival Asia on Wednesday.

He noted that there are five main groups of employees that emerge during the digital transformation process. They are: Drivers, supporters, followers, sceptics, and opponents.

In order to deal with each group effectively, Jaschik suggests that HR develop and utilise a change-matrix that will determine the corresponding level of skills and engagement of each respective group.

This will then help HR to provide targeted training programmes for individuals who possess different levels of skills, so that they can “speak the same technology language at the end”.

But these efforts will not even take off the ground if HR is unable to garner leadership support.

“You need to explain to the company leaders why you need to run this programme, and why now. You need to offer technological solutions, give good finance-backed reasons, and not just surface reasons,” said Jaschik.

Ultimately, the vital driver of successful change management lies in constant guidance.

“With transformation, you can either lend your people a hand, or push them into the deep waters. I recommend the former,” added Jaschik.