Vietnam aims for e-government by 2025

Minister of information and communications Nguyen Manh Hung has said the country plans to implement a digital government by 2025.
By: | March 15, 2021

This would involve the migration of the entire administrative system online “using data and digital technologies to redesign government operations”, he said. 

The strategy for this digitalisation initiative, which will provide government services 24/7, should be approved by the second quarter of this year, he said. Only basic services will go online, while confidential documents will not come under this initiative, he added. 

To achieve the goal of an e-government, “each locality, ministry and department can use 1% of their annual budget for this”. 

The initiative aims to have 80% of level-4 public services, which allow online fee payment, accessible via multiple devices, and 90% of documents at ministry and province levels and 80% at the district level processed online by 2025. 

National databases pertaining to population, land, business registration, finance and others would be made public by 2025. 

Plans for an e-government were revealed in June last year. Currently, 55% of public services are accessible online, allowing the public to submit applications and make payments online, eliminating the need for them to make a trip to government offices.  

In 2020, Vietnam moved two spots up to 86th in the United Nations’ biennial E-Government Development Index which measures the level of e-governance in countries.  

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The index takes into consideration local website development patterns, infrastructure and educational levels to assess how a country is using IT to promote access and inclusion for its people.

It surveyed 193 countries and territories based on three aspects of e-government: the availability of online services, telecommunications infrastructure and human capacity, said VNExpress.