What are the top skills employers look for?

Digital and data literacy are among the top 10 skills employees will need over the next decade, said Bernard Marr, author, keynote speaker and futurist.
By: | September 8, 2022

In the next 10 years, digital literacy, data literacy and critical thinking will be the top three skills required by businesses for their workers, highlighted author Bernard Marr in his new book, Future Skills: The 20 Skills and Competencies Everyone Needs to Succeed in a Digital World.

Digital literacy refers to the ability to find, evaluate and communicate digital content, and “involves the ability to use devices, software, and apps safely and with confidence”, said Marr. 

“People with strong digital literacy skills can communicate and collaborate easily using digital tools, and they keep on top of new technologies and understand how they might impact their job and their business,” the author wrote in an op-ed in Forbes.

The second most coveted skill will be data literacy, which refers to the ability to access appropriate data and work with it confidently. “Data is now one of their most important and valuable business assets, which means organisations will want to employ people that are able to take data and use it effectively,” said Marr. 

Third is critical thinking, which refers to the ability to analyse issues and situations based on evidence rather than hearsay, personal opinions or biases. “In this era of fake news, social media bubbles, and information overload, critical thinking is at the top of the list of the most vital skills to cultivate for success,” he noted. 

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The remaining skills firms will need from their employees are emotional intelligence, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, leadership skills, time management, and curiosity and continuous learning.