Why your organisation should be prioritising DE&I

A failure to focus on DE&I lowers organisations’ standing among consumers and make them a less attractive proposition for employees.
By: | February 2, 2023

When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), it would appear that there remains scope for improvement among organisations in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to new research by TRUE Global Intelligence, the research and analytics practice of FleishmanHillard, 90% of consumers expect companies to act and communicate about DE&I, yet only 3% of respondents remember getting information on the topic from their employers.

Calling for organisations to “drastically rethink” the way they are engaging with both external and internal stakeholders, TRUE Global Intelligence recommended that DE&I strategies be defined by actions and goals. As a start, these can be modest but require commitment, communication, and transparency.

Rather than one-way communication, organisations should engage in conversation around DE&I topics and invest in additional training and education. 36% of respondents expect employee training on DE&I and 83% expect their organisation to have a DE&I leader.

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Michael Rinaman, Managing Director, TRUE Global Intelligence in APAC and Global Analytics Lead at FleishmanHillard, said, “Even though priorities are different depending on the population you’re speaking with, people in the Asia-Pacific region overwhelmingly call for action from governments and from companies to improve society.”

“This may come through training and education, or it may come through DE&I leaders in the region making discreet, actionable plans to improve their organisations and workplaces.”