AI expected to play a larger role in recruitment for Indian firms

Artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment is expected to eliminate bias and be a regular part of the hiring process in the future.
By: | August 26, 2022

Some 96.5% of recruiters in startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India believe that the use of AI is one of the best ways to eliminate bias from the hiring process, revealed a survey by chat-based direct hiring platform Hirect.

About 50% of recruiters believe that the tech will be commonly used in their hiring process in the future, the report highlighted.

Most recruiters (97.4%) also believe that skills-based hiring is the future, while 88.2% of respondents believe that referrals are the best way to hire people with the right talents.

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“In the employee-driven market, employers must quickly adapt to the current reality of talent acquisition to remain competitive in today’s labour market,” said Raj Das, Global Co-Founder and CEO of Hirect India.

This includes creating a workplace that aligns with jobseekers’ needs while also leveraging the right systems, tools, and channels to effectively grow their organisations, he added.