Best employers in Singapore unveiled in latest survey

The best employers in Singapore have been revealed in a latest survey which was participated by more than 8,000 employees.
By: | April 24, 2020

Retailer Uniqlo has emerged as the best employer in Singapore in the latest Singapore’s Best Employers 2020 survey conducted by local newspaper The Straits Times and global research company Statista.

Sports retailer Adidas came in second followed by technology giants Google and Amazon, while oil and gas company BP rounded up the top five in the list of 150 most attractive firms and institutions in the city-state.

More than 8,000 employees participated in the online survey where 1,800 employers with at least 200 staff were given a score based primarily on whether the staff would recommend the company to a friend or family member.

They were also surveyed on how they felt about aspects of their jobs, such as whether they are proud of the product or service their company offers, whether the company pays a good salary, and whether men and women have the same opportunities for advancement.

The survey found that employee satisfaction was the highest in the IT, restaurant and healthcare industries. For those working in the restaurant sector, factors highly rated included teamwork among colleagues and being proud of the products their companies offer.

While in the healthcare equipment and service sector, employees were very satisfied with their workstations as well as with being able to organise their own work, among other things.

The survey was conducted in August and September last year before the COVID-19 pandemic. And Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) president Low Peck Kem, who will be speaking virtually at the HR Tech Fest Connect 2020 on May 12-13, noted that those who have invested in their staff will be the ones to emerge stronger after the crisis is over.

“Employees remember how their employers treat them not only during the growth phase, but also during the downturn. It is even more important to be an attractive employer who genuinely cares for its employees during this period and beyond,” she said.