Can four-day workweek provide health benefits to employees?

A study found that employees who switch to a four-day workweek sleep an hour more than they did when working five days a week.
By: | October 4, 2022

The study, conducted by non-profit organisation 4 Day Week Global, showed that employees who transitioned to a four-day week clocked seven hours and 58 minutes of sleep per night, an hour more than they slept while working five days a week. 

4 Day Week Global, which has been testing the feasibility of a four-day workweek as part of the future of work, commissioned economist Juliet Schor to survey 304 workers at 16 companies across the US, UK, and Australia, as part of a six-month trial run.

Sleep deprivation fell drastically for those in the study who changed to a four-day week. The percentage of those who had been getting less than seven hours of sleep a night decreased from 42.6% to 14.5%. 

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Seventy companies in the UK are participating in the programme, and early results suggested it has been beneficial for them. Of 41 of those companies that responded to a mid-point check-in survey, 88% said the experiment was working “well” and 86% said they were “likely” or “extremely likely” to consider keeping the four-day schedule. 

The four-day workweek has been a rising topic among top business executives, Insider reported.