Creating a more engaged workforce through reward and recognition

Working with Achievers, Dyson ANZ is reinventing their recognition and reward programme to deliver tangible business results.
By: | May 26, 2022

Looking for a new approach to improve the frequency and quality of recognition across the organisation, research and technology company Dyson ANZ chose the Achievers Employee Engagement Platform to launch their Applause programme for employees across Australia and New Zealand.

Guided by the core values of Different, Authentic, and Pioneering, Achievers helped Dyson ANZ kickstart their employee recognition and engagement journey by offering a mobile-first employee experience to meet the needs of diverse employee groups.

Achievers also provided technology that excelled beyond the peer-to-peer recognition programme, offered detailed reporting capabilities that provided access to data and analytics to measure success and gather key programme insights, and consolidated Dyson ANZ’s in-house recognition initiatives into one single platform.

Robbie Dickenson, Head of Customer Care ANZ, Dyson, said, “How Achievers partner with you is like the software, they are effortless and effective. Their passionate team of experts makes working with them seamless and easy.”

Within the first 90 days of the launch of Applause in March 2021, Dyson ANZ has reported a year-on-year increase in their NPS (Net Promotor Score), 97% activation rate, monthly active usage of 82%, as well as an uplift in year-on-year sales performance and employee engagement score.

Dickensen added, “With 97% of accounts now activated and 82% actively using the account each month, the Achievers programme has helped us increase sales YOY, improve NPS and helped improve our engagement scores.”

Dyson ANZ also identified some aspects of the Achievers platform that were particularly relevant to their needs, including social recognition. The platform’s ability to let employees appreciate and thank their own team members and other cross functional teams has broken geographical barriers and resulted in a strong sense of camaraderie among employees.

Leaders in Dyson ANZ have also benefited with the ability to recognise easily and further engage with their team members through allocation of points.

Lastly, leaderboards have helped showcase top performing employees and made them more visible. This, Dyson ANZ explained, is inspiring others to raise their performance and experience the same form of public appreciation.

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With initial programme objectives met, Dyson ANZ is eager to embark on the next steps in its employee engagement journey. Enabled by the strategic support provided by its Achiever programme and customer success manager, Dyson ANZ is focused on pioneering ways to drive engagement.

For instance, Dyson ANZ plans to continue to reinforce the programme’s value by adding more initiatives, including a feedback tool to engage, educate, and inform employees through surveys, forms, polls, and surveys. These, Dyson ANZ believes, will enable actions that will help to deliver real and employee engagement and business results.

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