Employees in Singapore not getting COVID-19 vaccine not obliged to change duties

Workers who are not vaccinated will not need to have a change of job scope, says health minister.
By: | January 8, 2021

Singapore’s health minister, Gan Kim Yong, was responding to a question posed by member of parliament Yip Hon Weng, who asked if employees who opt not to be vaccinated will need to have their job scopes reviewed so as to reduce exposure to the virus. “In most instances, redeployment of non-vaccinated employees will not be necessary unless there is a resurgence of local cases,” Gan said. 

“But all workers should continue to take the necessary precautions such as mask-wearing, and where required, donning of personal protective equipment and undergoing rostered routine testing,” he added in parliament. 

For employees like researchers or laboratory staff who may be working directly with the COVID-19 virus or face very high risk of exposure to infected individuals, the Health and Manpower ministries are reviewing the issue of vaccinating workers in such workplace settings. 

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The Ministry of Health will also launch a vaccine injury financial assistance programme which will support those who suffer serious adverse side effects that are assessed to be related to COVID-19 vaccines administered in Singapore. 

“While we expect few to need this, the programme will give peace of mind to those taking the vaccination,” he said.