Employment Hero launches SmartMatch in Singapore

Employment Hero's SmartMatch eliminates writing job descriptions, advertising, and resume sifting to surface candidates faster.
By: | July 5, 2024

Employment Hero has announced the launch of SmartMatch (v1.0) in Singapore, a recruitment solution designed to transform the hiring process for both organisations and jobseekers.

SmartMatch is integrated into Employment Hero’s HRIS platform for employers and powered by the Swag superapp for jobseekers. This feature facilitates proactive and predictive hiring by analysing an organisation’s structure and predicting hiring needs based on sector, size, location, and seasonal trends.

With SmartMatch, employers can streamline the hiring process by eliminating tasks like writing job descriptions, advertising roles, and sifting through countless resumes. SmartMatch uses the existing talent pool within the Employment Hero platform to surface suitable candidates within seconds, shaving weeks off the traditional hiring timeline.

Additionally, SmartMatch takes a proactive and predictive approach. By analysing organisational data and industry trends, it can anticipate future hiring needs, allowing employers to identify potential candidates before vacancies even arise.

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David Holland, Managing Director of Swag at Employment Hero, said, “SmartMatch is reshaping the entire job search experience. It operates on a simple yet transformative principle: jobs find you. When jobseekers create a profile on Swag, they’re automatically matched with employers, with AI analysing their skills, career goals, and job preferences.”

“SmartMatch has turned recruitment on its head by ensuring that the right jobs find the right candidates effortlessly. We are uniquely placed to do this, leveraging our comprehensive platform with millions of roles and advanced AI technology.”

The launch of SmartMatch in Singapore is expected to mirror its success in Australia. Organisations can leverage SmartMatch’s integration with the Employment Hero platform to streamline recruitment, reduce costs, and improve compliance. This initial launch marks the first version of SmartMatch, with ongoing optimisation planned in the coming months to further refine the solutions for the Singapore job market.

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