Employment Hero’s Swag empowers SMEs to win the talent war

Swag’s AI-powered functionalities streamline recruitment, generating job descriptions, predicting hiring needs, and matching candidates.
By: | May 31, 2023

Employment Hero has introduced an employment superapp called Swag that leverages AI-powered recruitment functionality to simplify the job search process for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and jobseekers. With a network of over 200,000 employers and one million employees, Swag offers an efficient solution for finding, onboarding, and rewarding talent.

For users in South-East Asia, Swag is equipped with two core features, Work and Career, designed to integrate the recruitment journey into an employee experience, with additional benefits planned for future releases.

Swag’s development is driven by the need to address challenges in the current employment landscape. Firstly, SMEs struggle to find and retain employees due to increased overheads and limited resources, hindering their productivity and growth. Additionally, employees in Malaysia and Singapore face a cost-of-living crisis, with many feeling their salaries are not keeping up with inflation rates, leading to job insecurity and an inclination to explore external opportunities.

Swag’s AI-powered functionalities enable employers to streamline key aspects of the recruiting process. They generate first-draft job descriptions, predict future hiring needs, match candidates with suitable roles, and allow jobs to be posted on job boards. Moreover, a job board called Swag Jobs provides SMEs with access to a vast pool of work-ready applicants while eliminating job posting and advertising costs.

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Once employed, Swag becomes the primary interface for work-related tasks, offering features like time and attendance management, leave tracking, and rostering. Employees can manage timesheets, payslips, leave requests, induction policies, and certifications within a centralised location under the Work feature. Swag also encourages reward and recognition initiatives, such as peer shoutouts and accredited personal achievements.