How to attract and retain the best talent

In a new e-book, Culture Amp highlights how the ‘Great Resignation’ is providing opportunities for organisations to rethink their talent strategy
By: | January 13, 2022

Career growth, role expectations, and inclusion are the three most common reasons employees leave an organization, and the pandemic has amplified each of these, said Pip Lyons, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp.

In a new e-book produced by HRM Asia in partnership with Culture Amp, Lyons also highlighted how organisations, feeling the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’, are having to ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging.

This, she said, presents an opportunity for organisations to put their culture first, to lead with humanity and empathy at work, and to place their employees right at the heart of the business.

“We need to build two-way conversations with employees at the organisation, team and individual level,” Lyons added. “Help employees bring their whole selves to work and appreciate the unique and human experiences they each have, which of course extends to caring for their holistic wellbeing.”

In the e-book, Culture Amp also provides key tips that will allow organisations to build a successful employee experience strategy, including being transparent. Transparency, says Culture Amp, is essential to build a solid culture and nurture talent.

Flexibility is also key in today’s world of work, and Culture Amp recommends that organisations allow employees to feel empowered to rethink their work schedule, and to understand what they want and need to do their work effectively.

Beyond just monetary renumeration, employees today are also looking for a positive work culture and opportunities for growth and career development, Culture Amp pointed out.

Organisations also need to build a strong organisational culture to attract candidates who embody their values, and to listen and understand employees’ current experiences and concerns, which can help to identify which aspects of culture matter most to them.

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