HR Tech Think Tank: Talent Management software

Talent management software is a complex ecosystem, as delegates to this cluster of the HR Tech Think Tank discovered.
By: | November 9, 2018


When it comes to talent management software, HR and technology buyers tend to look for tailored solutions. Even the off-the-shelf products need to be customised in some way for the organisation and workforce that will be using them, advises Aaron Hardy, Head of Product Strategy for PageUp in Asia (pictured).

As the lead facilitator for the Talent Management cluster at HR Tech Think Tank, he urged HR leaders to ensure they articulate exactly what they want out of any new system. “If you went and bought a talent management system off the shelf, what would the ‘cereal’ box look like,” he asked. “What’s actually in that talent management system that makes it really exciting to sell back into your business?”

The Talent Management cluster was one of the largest at HR Tech Think Tank, with around 50 of the delegates focusing their time at the event solely on this workshop. Hardy led the group through a series of interactive and agile games, each designed to get HR the leaders thinking about all of the possibilities that do, should, or could, exist within the talent management software market.

“What we really wanted was to make sure that people had some tools they could go back to their businesses with, and actually run these similar sessions as focus groups with their teams, and with their employees and managers,” Hardy said. “They can then see how they can then use those materials to get better technology adoption, and roll new tech out into their organisations.”


A delicate ecosystem

Hardy says talent management software solutions rarely offer a complete package in a single box. Rather, buyers need to be constantly aware of how each part of the

“We looked at the talent management space really as an ecosystem,” he said. “You can’t just look at a single platform to be solving all of your problems. It’s really a series of technologies that you use at different points in the employee life cycle.”

With that in mind, the group investigated and dissected many of the challenges around integrating different HR technologies so that they were able to talk to each other, share data, and – ultimately – offer greater insights and clarity.

“We looked at some of the different technologies that you could use in recruitment marketing, like moderated chat for example,” Hardy said.

“We had a look at some of the different assessment and background checking providers, and  learning content providers also.

“It was really interesting to see the group going, ‘Oh, okay, I see how that can work’.”

But the biggest lesson that Hardy shared with the Talent Management cluster was on the need to get started and to experiment.

“There’s so much tech out there – it’s really critical that you start experimenting and learning, because you’re going to uncover all of these assumptions that maybe are wrong, and a whole picture of the organisation you might not be seeing,” he said.

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