Inadequacy in tech capabilities hindering support of hybrid work

Organisations risk low morale among employees if they fail to invest in technologies to support their hybrid working strategies.
By: | December 19, 2022

Most organisations fear that their tech capabilities cannot fully support a hybrid workforce, revealed research from managed workplace services provider Apogee Corporation.

Titled Defining the Future of The Workplace, the research surveyed 200 IT leaders to understand organisations’ readiness to support the future workforce and found 63% of IT directors are not confident in their tech capabilities to support such working arrangements.

Despite the widespread adoption of hybrid working arrangements, some 71% of organisations still do not place IT investment as a priority.

The study also found that for 89% of respondents, limitations with their organisation’s current tech setup prevented effective workplace collaboration, with 48% admitting that remote staff do not enjoy access to the same solutions as office workers.

This was the case even though the ability to collaborate effectively with tech was the top expectation cited, at 38%.

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Security is also adding to concerns for the modern workforce, with 25% of respondents revealing that security challenges faced in remote and hybrid working arrangements were impacting the progress of IT transformation.

Almost half of organisations (45%) plan to offer the latest tech as a hiring perk to attract talent, while 26% cited ensuring access to high-quality, reliable IT solutions as a top priority for attracting and retaining talent.