Tech support critical for employees working remotely

After working from home for two years, 35% of employees are still citing poor connectivity and network issues as ongoing hindrances.
By: | October 7, 2022

With 65% of employees saying that they prefer the “work from anywhere” model, having technology teams in place can mitigate connectivity and network challenges through better monitoring and alerting employees on interoperability issues.

With full visibility of usage, technology teams can also spot potential cyber threats, claimed research by Australia-based software company Integrated Research (IR) and digital research and advisory platform Ecosystm.

John Ruthven, CEO and Managing Director of IR, said, “In addition to improving network security and mitigating cyber threats, organisations must implement technologies to enhance employee experience. Employees are constantly shifting between collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Teams and WebEx depending on their preferences and the nature of the interaction.”

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By listening to employees proactively, businesses may better design their hybrid work environments and increase productivity. This, in turn, will enable businesses to create a customised working model that is most suitable for them, Ruthven added.

For instance, the research revealed that noise-cancellation headsets are becoming more important, with 31% of employees using these tools while working.