Increasing hybrid work transforms firms in Australia

Employee experience and overall business processes are changing as employees embrace remote work post-pandemic.
By: | October 27, 2022

This is according to a new research report by Information Services Group (ISG), which showed that new digital workplaces are evolving to become experience-led, persona-based, and aligned to specific industry workstyles, yet always providing a secure environment for employees to collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Jason McAuliffe, Workplace Experience Lead for ISG Asia Pacific, said, “Australian companies are reinventing the workplace for better employee experience and business results. The continuous evolution of work creates new roles, business processes, operating models, and organisational structures.”

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens Future of Work – Services and Solutions report also found Australia is on the leading edge of the trend toward remote and hybrid work that is transforming workplace strategies worldwide. The rollout of the country’s national broadband network gives nearly all Australians access to fast Internet services, so many Australians have taken advantage of work-from-home policies introduced during the pandemic to move from apartments in cities to large homes in rural areas.

As a significant proportion of companies in Australia make hybrid work permanent, process automation is helping them improve the experience of remote employees, the report says. Support services based on analytics, cognitive technology and automation remove repetitive tasks and integrate workplace operations for seamless operations.  

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The evolution of work in Australia has broad implications, ISG says. Organisational change management (OCM), commonly used with digital transformations in Australia, is becoming increasingly important to employee experience in areas such as ensuring that employees understand and follow practices for security and compliance.