Malaysia to introduce shorter working hours

Working hours in the country will be reduced to 45 hours from the current 48, according to amendments to the Employment Act.
By: | August 11, 2022

Starting September 1, Malaysia will enforce new working hours, Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Awang Hashim has announced.

Speaking at the Dewan Negara, Malaysia’s lower house of the bicameral Parliament, he said that the amendments were to safeguard the welfare of workers and provide flexibility in working hours, in line with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention.

“In addition, the amendments also introduce a new section on flexible work arrangements, to allow employees to apply to employers to carry out work according to the suitability of working hours, working days or workplaces, including working from home for emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As of today, there is no proposal or engagement for us to set four working days a week, at the ministry level,” he said when answering Senator Md Nasir Hashim’s question about the government’s stance on four working days in a week, especially in the private sector, according to Bernama.

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The Employment (Amendment) Act 2022, also known as Act 265, obtained royal assent on April 26 and was issued in the Federal Government Gazette on May 10 this year, following the passing of the amendments in both Houses and Parliament.