Malaysian companies urged to lodge concerns on regulatory barriers

The MyMudah platform, launched last July, aims to alleviate the economic impact of COVID-19 on local enterprises and international businesses.
By: | April 30, 2021

The Malaysian government has urged companies operating in the country to register their concerns over regulatory barriers that are obstructing business revival and growth.

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has asked local enterprises and international firms to log on their concerns on the MyMudah platform, which was launched in July 2020 as part of measures to alleviate the economic impact caused by the pandemic. 

“By eliminating the unnecessary regulatory burdens imposed on businesses, firms operate in a more encouraging business environment. Compliance cost and use of resources can be optimised,” said Deputy Minister Datuk Lim Ban Hong, MITI, in a statement. 

“A conducive business climate is one of the key drivers for industries to hasten recovery, increase productivity and improve performance.”

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“At the firm level, MyMudah enhances efficiency, reduces cost of doing business and improves confidence, while at the larger country level, the programme increases productivity and competitiveness, creates job opportunities and stimulates economic growth,” said Malaysia Productivity Corp director-general Datuk Abdul Latif Abu Seman, according to Bernama.