The strange and unheard of job roles coming soon

Technology and disruption are causing some jobs to dry up; but there are some unique and economically-valuable roles that are set to take their place.
By: | September 20, 2019

In the Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix, artificial intelligence (AI) has overtaken the world using humans as an energy source. This dystopian view of the future has fueled pessimistic and even fearful feelings of technology in  the age of disruption. The realm of Science Fiction is now Science Reality, as the world is in the very throes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Digital disruption and the rise of Artificial Intelligence threatens to push many jobs into extinction. But it’s not all doom and gloom, at least according to a new report by Cognizant’s Centre for the Future of Work.

It predicts a wave of previously unheard-of job roles will become commonplace over the coming decades. All in support of the new technology that continues to disrupt the world economy, these roles will reflect the major macroeconomic, political, and technological trends now taking place.

Some of these new jobs highlighted by Cognizant are:

Artificial Intelligence Business Development Manager
Artificial intelligence (AI) can do a lot of things, but it can’t yet sell itself to the investment community – this requires human interaction, and creativity. Hence, the AI Business Development Manager will enable sales and solution architects with a specific customer-centric AI value proposition, and will directly interface with product management and development teams regarding partner requirements.

Virtual Store Sherpa
Helping customers find the right item in the vast arrays of product listings in virtual and online stores is set to be an in-demand skill in its own right. Like a “sommelier of goods”, the Virtual Store Sherpa’s focus will be on customer satisfaction and they will also need to be a knowledgeable conversationalist.

Personal Memory Curator
As people live longer, their memories become all the more important. A personal memory curator will create and deliver seamless virtual environments for them to inhabit with their past lives and history. Patients and stakeholders will be consulted to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences that bring a particular time, place, or event to life.

Chief Trust Officer

The Chief Trust Officer will work alongside the internal finance and public relations teams of crypto-currency backed organisations, managing and enhancing public and private presence across the financial sphere with the aim to maintain integrity and brand reputation. Banks will seek experience in cryptocurrency trading and speculation, blockchain, traditional currency trading and marketing for this role.

Digital tailor
Digital tailors customise clothes for clients, working with them at home or their workplace to ensure clothing items ordered online fit well upon delivery. They are also there to offer very human advice to their clients, based on subjective criteria of styling, cloth choice, and the like.

Other jobs predicted by Cognizant include: carbon farmers, data detectives, 3-D printing engineers, avatar designers, cryptocurrency arbitrageurs, drone jockeys, human organ developers, autonomous fleet valets, Snapchat addiction therapists, urban vertical farmers and Hyperloop construction managers.