Singapore reviewing work-from-home policy

Companies operating in Singapore have called on more flexibility to be exercised where work arrangements are concerned.
By: | August 7, 2020

Working from home (WFH) can be a vastly different experience for many employees. Some thrive in the relative lack of distractions when compared to a traditional office setting; others struggle to maintain productivity through the lack of direct interaction with colleagues.

In Singapore, these are all factors taken into consideration as the government continues to review whether there should be a change in the current WFH stance, said Education Minister Lawrence Wong.

Wong, who also co-chairs the country’s ministerial task force managing the COVID-19 pandemic, said during a recent press briefing, “We are still studying the matter to see if there may be some change or modification to the WFH requirement. That’s something we are reviewing.”

Currently, the default arrangement is for all companies in Singapore to make WFH arrangements the norm, unless there is a “demonstrable need” for their workers to work at on-site premises.

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However, Wong was quick to highlight that if even there is an adjustment on the WFH stance in Singapore, the government wants to continue to see a “high number of people working from home.” This, he explained, is necessary to help reduce congestion on public transport, as well as the number of people gathered in workplaces.

Singapore is currently in phase two of reopening its economy, where more restrictions have been eased as part of recovery efforts.