Tailoring solutions to organisations for effective human development

Similie shares how intentional work to go above and beyond what an organisation does can help guide their teams to maximum potential.
By: | June 20, 2024

Human development in the realm of South-East Asia is focused on investment in the human workforce to build a sustainable, people-centric approach that focuses on a fair and inclusive development of employees and stakeholders, and rewarding organisations that are aligned with this objective.

This is the goal of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Summit, which has, along with HR Tech Festival Asia 2024, developed an award to be given to any organisation that has pushed for fair and inclusive development of employees and stakeholders in at least two ASEAN countries. The award, known as Best ASEAN Human Development, pays particular attention to how an organisation’s leadership incorporates factors such as learning, wellness, inclusion and a defined clear voice in how work is done.

This year, the award has been split into two subcategories, which recognise the award recipients via type of organisation. As such, the award for Best ASEAN Human Development (Small & Medium Companies) was awarded to Similie, an organisation that strives to develop affordable and innovative tech for all organisations, regardless of the country they are based in.

To Ana Paula da Costa Xavier, General Manager, Similie, winning the Best ASEAN Human Development (Small & Medium Companies) Award at HR Fest Awards 2024 is a tremendous honour for Similie. Speaking to HRM Magazine Asia, Xavier calls the award a true vindication of the organisation’s core philosophy that people are at the heart of successful projects. “Since Similie’s inception, we have championed the idea that a people-centric approach is key. By focusing on fair and inclusive development for our employees and stakeholders, and by investing in their growth, we empower them to deliver incredible results,” she said.

How does an organisation like Similie work to employ human development opportunities on a day-to-day basis? It starts with a conscious effort to move beyond the traditional perception of what an organisation does. Similie works to create a safe space where employees feel comfortable taking risks and learning from their mistakes so that they can gain valuable learning experiences that lead to growth, as well as share new ideas.

Similie also offers regular training and development programmes for their employees to build on their skills, knowledge and capabilities. “We have a leadership development programme that helps our emerging leaders develop the skills they need to become effective managers and leaders,” shared Xavier.“We also provide technical training programmes to help our engineers and developers stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in our industry.”

Other aspects that the organisation works to offer employees also include flexible work arrangements, benefits that help with physical, emotional, and mental health, diversity, equity and inclusivity initiatives; and partnerships to establish and create positive social impact within their local communities.

Xavier’s advice to other organisations when it comes to human development includes understanding the differences and needs of the different organisations, especially as organisations boost different employees with various skillsets.

Next, Xavier recommended organisations create a clear vision and strategy for their objectives that are aligned with the overall business goals and values of the organisation, as well as establish a culture that boosts and encourages learning and growth to enable employee upskilling and success, recognising and rewarding employees who demonstrate a commitment to their growth and development. She also recommended that organisations offer good infrastructure that can offer employees good benefits and flexible working arrangements.

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“What has worked well for Similie has been to build our teams to meet their maximum potential,” said Xavier. “We are guided by the skills and experience of our team members, and delegating responsibilities to them to build their leadership and decision-making abilities. This builds trust and respect across the organisation and helps it operate as a team. It is also important to identify ways to incentivise great performance.”

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