Top Stories of 2018: HR Innovations

In the second installment of our 2018 roundup series, we recap the most interesting HR policies and initiatives from around the region.
By: | December 19, 2018

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Organisations around the Asia-Pacific raised the bar on interesting HR policies and initiatives this year, from PwC’s “flexible every day” dress code, to Xero’s re-branding of medical leave into a more holistic ‘wellbeing’ leave.

Below, we’ve round up the highlights.

  • Flexible dress code every day at PwC
    The fim’s Singapore office introduced “FlexDress Everyday”, which empowers staff to make their own decisions on an appropriate outfit for the work day.
  • KPMG’s Smart Clubhouse

    KPMG unveils ‘smart’ clubhouse powered by AI
    Unveiled in celebration of the firm’s 77th anniversary, the KPMG Clubhouse is the company’s emblem for its intent to redefine the future of work, and enhance staff experience through innovation and technology.

  • Xero introduces new wellbeing leave for employees
    The international firm’s new Wellbeing Leave policy allows staff around the world to take leave for physical or mental illness, to cover medical procedures, when a partner or dependent requires care, and also to take time off for their own personal well-being.
    Employees in Singapore will receive 14 days paid leave in addition to Annual Leave to care for their personal well-being, without the need for medical certification.
  • Micron welcomes 600 new hires as part of “pre-onboarding” event
    New hires at semiconductor manufacturer Micron Singapore were given a first look into the company’s workplace culture and practices, as part of its inaugural mass “pre-onboarding” event.
    One event highlight was the Marshmallow Challenge, where participants exercised teamwork to build structures made out of spaghetti sticks and marshmallows.

For more of 2018’s biggest stories, click here: Top Stories of 2018