KPMG unveils ‘smart’ clubhouse powered by AI

The space is part of the firm's intent to spearhead the future of work and enhance staff experience through technology and innovation.
By: | October 16, 2018


These days, it is expected that offices at least have a pantry to offer employees – a safe space to make coffee, take quick breaks, or have lunch in.

KPMG in Singapore, however, is taking the concept of the breakout room to the next level, with its new “smart” staff lounge.

Unveiled in celebration of the firm’s 77th anniversary, the KPMG Clubhouse is the company’s emblem for its intent to redefine the future of work, and enhance staff experience through innovation and technology.

It is wired with the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, and connected analytics, and occupies more than 5,000 square feet of space that employees can use for chilling out, hosting client meetings, or even doing work.

A key highlight of the space is FRED, a facial recognition and virtual assistant powered by AI. Through facial recognition, FRED greets each employee, allowing for a seamless and secure entry into the lounge while enhancing the staff experience through interactivity.

FRED, which stands for Friendly Relatable Engaging Device,also doubles up as a virtual assistant, bringing the day’s news headlines and the weather forecast.

FRED, a facial recognition and virtual assistant powered by AI.

The Clubhouse also boasts a Grab & Go food kiosk with an array of bento sets and drinks to provide the convenience of a quick bite. This itself is not new or innovative to KPMG, but the firm has applied a ‘smart’ twist: all food items are tagged with radio frequency identification, which allows a speedier self check-out to address long waiting lines during peak hours.

“The KPMG Clubhouse was refurbished to meet the diverse needs of our people who want a place where they can work, mingle and relax at the same time,” said Ong Pang Thye, Managing Partner for KPMG in Singapore.

“It is symbolic of [our] vision to create a showcase of the latest technologies and innovation to bring an ‘eco-system of the future’ to life – one that redefines the future of work, and one that elevates the people experience to another level,” Ong added.