Transforming career development in Singapore’s public sector

The Public Service Division (PSD) of Singapore achieves recognition for its innovative AI-powered One Talent Gateway.
By: | August 24, 2023

The One Talent Gateway (OTG) platform transforms career development with personalised AI-driven recommendations.

The Public Service Division (PSD) of Singapore has achieved recognition in the field of HR, being honoured with the Best Use of Technology award, sponsored by Androgogic, at HR Fest Awards 2023.

This recognition was a testament to PSD’s innovative implementation of One Talent Gateway (OTG), a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionised traditional HR practices and empowered public officers to take control of their career development.

OTG was launched as a pilot in August 2022, with the aim of catalysing the talent marketplace within the Singapore Public Service. The platform harnesses the power of AI to enhance the career experience of public officers by providing personalised recommendations for developmental opportunities and learning interventions. Leveraging individual competencies, career goals, and interests, OTG ensures that public officers have access to tailored growth pathways that align with their aspirations.

To date, OTG has successfully reached approximately 6,000 public officers across 104 government agencies in four job families, namely Public Communications, InfoComm Technology and Smart Systems (ICT&SS), Service Delivery, and Policy and Planning, a spokesperson from PSD shared with HRM Magazine Asia. By equipping public officers with the tools and resources needed to drive their own growth, OTG has played a pivotal role in maintaining an agile and skilled workforce within the public sector.

When asked about the transformation brought about by this technology, the spokesperson emphasised the benefits for both HR practitioners and public officers, and explained, “For HR practitioners, OTG helps them to support officers in their growth and development in a more efficient manner. They can tap into OTG’s AI to recommend personalised developmental opportunities and learning interventions based on an officer’s competency profile, aspirations, and interests, and facilitate the matching of developmental opportunities to our public officers.”

From the perspective of public officers, OTG has become a game changer in fuelling their career development, the spokesperson continued. Beyond seeking guidance from supervisors, public officers can now utilise OTG to select their desired career pathways, identify competency gaps between their current and future roles, and receive personalised recommendations for developmental opportunities that can help bridge those gaps.

For instance, public officers may find Short-term Immersion Programmes (STiP) and gig projects that enable experiential learning, relevant training courses from the Civil Service College and The Digital Academy, or self-initiate social learning opportunities by initiating a gig project, all via OTG. “Through OTG, public officers can also expand their networks within the Public Service by connecting with like-minded individuals and participating in cross-agency projects,” the spokesperson added.

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While implementing technology-driven solutions, PSD remains committed to maintaining a human-centric approach in its HR practices rather than replacing the human touch. OTG thus, plays a key role in empowering public officers to take charge of their own growth and development, with HR practitioners providing support along the way.

“By leveraging AI to recommend real-time, personalised recommendations on developmental opportunities and learning interventions, OTG makes it easier for public officers to drive their own growth,” said the spokesperson. “Enabling public officers with OTG to drive their own growth and development is key to helping the Singapore Public Service maintain an agile and skilled workforce.”