Verizon Media’s “Career Marketplace” in action

Verizon Media’s Vice President of Talent shares an example of the company’s transparent and talent-focused career development framework.
By: | October 2, 2019

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Verizon Media’s Career Marketplace gives each of its about 10,000 employees the chance to work towards internal transfer opportunities openly, and with the help and encouragement of their direct managers.

Sandy Gould, Verizon Media

Sandy Gould, Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Learning, and Diversity and Inclusion (pictured, right), says the programme includes live job fair days, held in Verizon’s key regional centres of London, New York, and Taipei. While there have been numerous success stories since the emphasis on internal hiring began two years ago, with the Career Marketplace itself having begun in February. One story sits particularly close to his heart.

A new recruit that Gould was considering for his recruitment team actually had two offers from within Verizon Media. In addition to the talent acquisition team, he was being courted by one of Verizon Media’s product teams.

“I had thought he would pick the product team, because product is always much cooler than recruitment, and it is quite unique to have someone do product management and innovation on a recruiting team,” he recalls.