Why organisations should prioritise kindness as a leadership strategy

Kindness fosters a healthy workplace culture that supports growth and resilience, as well as empathising with mistakes and learning from them.
By: | May 8, 2023

Writing in Forbes, McCarron believes that leading with kindness has numerous benefits for an organisation’s success, such as having difficult conversations and providing feedback in a safe environment. Avoiding these conversations does not benefit the team in the long run, she added, as it hinders their growth and resilience.

McCarron also believes that positive energy attracts positive energy. By working with people who share the organisation’s core values, such as kindness, a healthier workplace can be created. She shared that Thunderbird Entertainment Group’s people-first approach treats employees as individuals, not numbers, and encourages peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, and knowledge sharing to foster a workplace culture based on shared values.

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In addition, McCarron sees mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning. She explained that it is essential to reassure employees that they should not be afraid to make mistakes because these moments allow the best work to flourish.

Finally, empathy is a secret weapon when navigating business challenges, as it allows leaders to cut through the surface and understand another person’s perspective, which can lead to the advancement of critical issues. Thunderbird Entertainment Group embraces this approach by creating content that impacts positive change through entertainment, such as the show Molly of Denali, which encourages young audiences to embrace diversity.