2019 Review: A year of digital transformation

2019 has been a year of digital transformation across the region and HRM Asia has got it all covered. Here are the top digitalisation stories of the year.
By: | December 20, 2019

Digitalisation, digitalisation and more digitalisation. This has been the main theme which has consumed and transformed the business world across the region in 2019.

And we can expect the same or more in the coming year. 2019 saw many companies stepping up their game and even starting their digital transformation journey – from start-ups to the biggest companies and even governments as they avoid being left behind in the global wave of digitalisation.

And if you have missed everything that has been going on in the digitalisation world in 2019, fret not. We’ve got you covered – as always. Here are some of the top digitalisation news of the year.

1) Elevating the HR function through digitalisation

Digital transformation is one of the biggest changes impacting businesses and the way people work. It is imperative that we in HR implement new strategies and practices as the interaction with our workforce rapidly evolve.

2) Research: Employees still don’t have the digital tools they need

There are significant perception gaps between IT decision makers and employees, the VMware Digital Employee Experience study has found.  Bridging those gaps will be crucial to delivering business outcomes, shaping how organisations innovate and compete.

3) New skills will be needed for digital banking revolution

Singapore is expanding its digital banking sector as it plays catch up with Hong Kong. Five new digital bank licences will be issued, and this time they are open to non-banks to apply.

4) Grab to upskill 3 million workers across Southeast Asia

Grab is partnering with Microsoft to help plug the current digital skills gap being experienced across the region. The transport and food delivery firm has launched an ambitious campaign called Grab For Good aimed at preparing young people with the needed skills for the future.

5) PwC continues the digital upskilling trend

PwC Singapore will provide more than 80,000 hours of ‘’digital fitness’’ training on visualisation, data analytics and automation for staff. This is part of a $10 million investment over the next two years to develop the digital skills of more than 3,500 employees.

6) Malaysia and China join forces to boost tech skills

Malaysia has made a big step to tap into China’s growing technological prowess. Its Human Resources Minister has announced new opportunities for Malaysian workers to upskill and reskill in fields where China has a distinct advantage.

7) Singtel announces $45 million investment in digital education

Asia’s leading communications technology group, Singtel is investing S$45 million to enhance the digital skills of its 12,600 employees. Through its ACT initiative, the organisation is pushing its employees to further their education and skills over the coming three years.

8) 16,000 “Data Heroes” trained at DBS Bank

DBS Bank has added data literacy and analytical skills to 16,000 of its staff as part of the first 18 months of its “Data Heroes” training programme.

9) Deutsche Bank gives staff in Singapore a digital ‘’boost’’

Deutsche Bank has launched a pilot scheme, nicknamed internally “Boost’, which stands for Build, Own, Operate, Share and Transform. It is focused on equipping employees with a digital toolkit of new skills.

10) Jason Averbook: Five steps to digital transform

Jason Averbook writes the “People Side of Digital” column for HR Executive magazine in the US. He shares five vital steps for digital transformation.