Grab to upskill 3 million workers across Southeast Asia

The tech giant plans to improve the digital literacy of millions, digitize more small businesses and train its future-ready workforce by 2025.
By: | September 27, 2019

Grab is partnering with Microsoft to help plug the current digital skills gap being experienced across the region. The transport and food delivery firm has launched an ambitious campaign called Grab For Good aimed at preparing young people with the needed skills for the future.

Co-founder and CEO Anthony Tan said the programme will also train about 20,000 students through its tech talent initiatives, along with drivers and their families. Grab and Microsoft will work with universities across Southeast Asia to train students for in-demand digital skills.

“Grab For Good is about creating economic access and digital equality for all in Southeast Asia. It’s about enabling and empowering people to create a sustainable livelihood for themselves,” Tan said. The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia are the top countries expected to gain the most from improved productivity through upskilling.

In its first Social Impact report, Grab said it contributed at least $5.8 billion to the Southeast Asian economy within 12 months leading to March 2019.