Creating a holistic employee experience with people at the core

Discover how organisations can rethink and redesign their employee experience strategies in a reshaped workplace.
By: | May 12, 2021

To deal with a rapidly changing landscape brought about the by pandemic, many organisations are beginning to adopt a more holistic approach to employee experience (EX). At HR Tech Fest Connect 2021, a carefully curated group of inspirational HR visionaries and experts will provide key insights and tips on how organisations can redesign their EX.

Organised by HRM Asia and powered by ADP, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 is Asia’s largest regional flagship conference for HR and work tech and will take place from May 27-28, decoding many of the issues facing HR leaders today.

As many organisations and HR leaders discover new and better ways to work during a year of unrelenting change, this shift requires employers to rethink and redesign their employee experience.

This, according to Lauren Huntington, EX Solution Strategist, Qualtrics, includes knowing how to safeguard business continuity and success when employees work remotely, and ensuring every employee is heard equally to prevent organisational bias.

During her presentation titled The new rules of engagement in South-East Asia: A better way to work, Huntington will share regional insights from Qualtrics’ perspectives on the “Next Normal research study”, which outline the ways employees want to work moving forward.

These include, the different employee insights organisations need to capture to build and optimise hybrid working models, ways to use employee feedback to overcome current and future challenges, and how to evolve existing listening programmes to unlock a comprehensive view of the entire employee experience.

Today, more than ever, leaders and organisations have the opportunity and responsibility to clarify, simplify and elevate as they prioritise their people, said Drew Fernandez, Global Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group, The Coca-Cola Company.

Leaders and organisations need to clarify their purpose and the value they add to people and communities, he elaborated. They also need to simplify systems and process to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracies that hinder collaboration and connections, and to elevate the employee experience so people actually want to show up for work.

In his presentation titled People first: Elevating experiences, transforming a culture, Fernandez will highlight how organisations can curate a holistic employee experience, pivot towards digital transformation and the future of work, and bring to life the Employee Promise.

To have a better understanding of why business and HR leaders in Asia-Pacific should be making employee experience a corporate strategy, the Discovering a new employee experience model: EX 4.0 keynote address by Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy, is a must-not-miss.

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Also making keynote addresses at HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 are Dr Terri Horton, Workforce Futurist and Founder of FuturePath; Anita Lettink, Advisor, Future of Work Speakerand Founder of

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 is also supported by leading companies such as AMSGlobalization PartnersOracle, SAPSentosa Development Corporation and SHL, and will provide the platform for the largest HR network in Asia to connect, network, discover and share ideas on issues such as HR technology, workforce management and the future of work.

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