Identifying the key trends and priorities defining HR and work tech

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will provide key insights that will allow organisations to plan for a successful workplace transformation.
By: | May 10, 2021

As organisations continue to plan for a successful workplace transformation beyond the pandemic, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 will provide key insights into the emerging trends and priorities that will define HR and work tech in 2021.

Organised by HRM Asia and powered by ADP, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 is Asia’s largest regional flagship conference for HR and work tech and will take place from May 27-28.

A completely virtual event, HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 features a carefully curated group of inspirational HR visionaries and experts, including Dr Terri Horton, Workforce Futurist and Founder of FuturePath; Anita Lettink, Advisor, Future of Work Speaker, and Founder of; and Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst and Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy.

According to Bersin, the pandemic has “radically changed” the marketplace and disrupted purchasing and implementation plans. In his opening keynote presentation on May 27 titled Discovering a new employee experience model: EX 4.0, Bersin will detail five key HR tech trends organisations should look out for in 2021.

These include an explanation of how the HR tech market has been turned inside out, and is now entirely focused on employees, and why skills engines and talent marketplaces are becoming mainstream.

With hybrid working increasingly becoming a fixture in the workforce, organisations that will be successful in attracting and retaining talent will be those that offer their teams maximum choice and flexibility, suggested Alex Badenoch, Transformation, Communications and People Group Executive, Telstra.

She added, “Organisations now need to seize this opportunity to reset and rethink their approach to flexibility if they want to be an employer of choice in the new world of hybrid work. Because the ability to deliver on a reimagined workplace is the new battleground in the war for talent.”

During her presentation titled Leadership trends for a new workplace experience in 2021 and beyond, Badenoch will also join participants in rethinking what successful leadership means.

Looking ahead to a new era in the workforce, Johannes Eckold, Director, HCM Strategy & Business Development ASEAN, Oracle, will discuss how HR practitioners are busy reskilling their workforce, addressing mental health issues and planning manpower for a future that is still uncertain.

In his presentation titled The era of Super-HR is here, Eckold will detail the HR capabilities and skills that he believes will be required for organisations to succeed and thrive in the #newnormal.

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To create a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace culture, organisations need to develop a business strategy that tackles the underlying systemic hurdles to creating a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) culture, said Sophie Guerin, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, APAC at John & Johnson.

Her presentation, titled 3 new trends for your DEI strategy in 2021, will outline the three trends to watch out for in the DEI space, and provide practical examples based on Guerin’s experiences in the D&I field.

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021 is also supported by leading companies such as AMSGlobalization PartnersSAP, Sentosa Development Corporation, SHL and Qualtrics, and will provide the platform for the largest HR network in Asia to connect, network, discover and share ideas on issues such as HR technology, workforce management and the future of work.

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