Delhi sets new guidelines for government employees

After allowing half of its staff to work from home last week, the Delhi government is now asking them not to leave the city without permission.
By: | December 10, 2020

Those working from home must also be contactable at any given time. They will be required to answer work-related calls, texts, emails and Whatsapp. In addition, employees can also be asked to return to the office if required.  

The new circular specifies that employees are not allowed to leave the capital city without first getting permission from their officials. Employees who request for permission to leave the city would only be allowed to do so only for emergencies. 

The new guidelines apply only to departments and staff not directly engaged in work relating to COVID-19.  

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The reason for these new guidelines is still not clear, though some have speculated it may be due to a past incident. In any case, the new guidelines seem reasonable as they would ensure that all employees are working as diligently as they should were they working from the office, said 

A majority of companies in India made work from home mandatory from March 25th when the Narendra Modi government implemented nationwide lockdowns due to the pandemic. Although the lockdowns have been lifted in most regions of the country, many companies still allow staff to work remotely to contain the spread of COVID-19. Employees from other companies have been allowed to return to their offices but with strict precautionary measures in place.