Embracing organisation culture, delivering positive experience

With the firm belief that happy employees lead to happy guests, Ramada and Days Hotels by Wyndham Singapore is focused on fostering a positive organisational culture.
By: | October 27, 2020

By Ramada and Days Hotels by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park

Ramada and Days Hotels by Wyndham Singapore at Zhongshan Park’s Count On Me organisation culture is the bedrock of the organisation, serving as an identity and a critical role in shaping the behaviour of our associates in the hotels.

In line with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, our mission and values-driven culture guide how we serve our guests, partners, communities, and each other every day. Count on Us is an extension of Wyndham’s Count on Me service culture and is the latest in a growing list of efforts by the Group to help hotels, employees and guests affected by the global impact of the coronavirus.

With a staff strength of 250, the hotels pride themselves in providing a cohesive workplace environment and a culture that fosters learning and professional growth. The hotels have been recognised by SkillsFuture with the Employer Award 2019 and was merited by HRM Asia with the e2i Best SME Employer of the Year in 2017. More recently, it emerged as the winner of the HRM Excellence Awards – HR Team Collaboration in 2019.

With its basic premise that “happy employees lead to happy guests”, which in turn produces better business results, the hotels focused its efforts on fostering a positive culture within the organisation.

Riding through the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way we work; throughout all these changes, the hotels’ management teams have kept their fingers on the pulse of the business and workforce, as all operations reset under the new normal. The unexpected and drastic change has accelerated emerging trends to more strategic initiatives such as multi-skilling, online learning, flexible/remote working, and digital revolution.

Senior Wok Chef Bong was provided with cross deployment to the restaurant and upskilling opportunity during the pandemic lockdown when banquet events were halted. “I was delighted when the company sent me to attend courses that could further enhanced my skills. I have completed 2 WSQ certificates over 20 days on service engagement and supervisory skills. The company values us and continues to invest on our development to support business resumption,” said Bong.

Wellbeing is not just about physical wellness, but also about cognitive and emotional health. The hotels offer expanded support in everything from associates’ assistance initiatives to programmes for mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, and virtual sessions with the team.

Global wellness month is one of the wellness activities kicked off this June to engage and uplift the holistic wellbeing of the associates. Promoting dialogue between associates are also part of the hotels’ change strategy to maintain clarity, foster engagement, and connection.

“I have been kept frequently informed about the pandemic and how our hotels are coping with the situation. While I was the lead to the SG Clean project, it was the cohesiveness and commitment of all in the hotels which led us to attain the SG Clean Certificate,” said Rahmad, Stewarding and Hygiene Manager.

The recent Project 1,000 Cranes, where the hotels’ associates came united, folding and presenting origami made from recycled materials, has shown the culture of camaraderie and support of our associates during these unprecedented times.

Moulding the Future

The hotels developed and launched the mobile app (RD Connect) this June to promote a Count on Me! culture. With the digital transformation, virtual live recognitions have been enabled.

“While observing safe management measures using the RD Connect app, I am still able to thank my associates remotely, anywhere, instantly and continue to motivate them for their hard work,” said Linda, Director of Housekeeping.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for hotels to adopt digital business models, talent base required to deliver that value needs to be shifted as well. Understanding the skills required moving forward by embracing a more expansive and dynamic view of our talents, means tapping into strategic redeployment, flexibility and reskilling.

Organisational and job redesigns were also implemented to focused on streamlining roles and workflows to increase efficiency and to respond in the correct course quickly with change. Employees are provided with various adaptive and flexible roles so they acquire cross-functional knowledge and training.

“I may be a mature worker, but the hotels have given me the chance and nominated me to the Place-and-Train programme. The programme has given me the opportunity to acquire new skills, from uniform sector to the coordinator functions. I am able to contribute more to my department in different areas,” said Angie, Senior Housekeeping Associate.

Welcoming associates back to the office following stay-at-home orders is new territory for the hotels. HR, in partnership with facilities, will need to ensure safe, efficient workplaces. Everything from entering the building to circulation patterns and elevator usage will be important to consider. All of these will need to be administered with sensitivity and as much associates’ choice as possible.

Overall, we know that providing great experiences for our associates is the foundation for the great experiences we provide for our guests. Our core values of integrity, accountability, inclusivity, caring and fun are reflected in our compliance, social responsibility and sustainability programmes, helping us to make smart decisions, guides the way we do business every day.

“We always value our associates,” says Tony Cousens, General Manager of the Ramada and Days Hotels Singapore. He added that an effective culture is like an invisible manual for each of the associates that helps to guide their decisions and judgement. “It is even more important that our culture makes the hotels a better workplace for them which is the basis of our long-term vision and work-life strategy,” Cousens added.