Gen Z workers in Singapore most likely to switch jobs

While renumeration is still important to retain talent, employees are increasingly looking at other factors, including transparency and flexible work.
By: | June 30, 2022

Gen Z workers in Singapore, aged 18 to 25, are more likely to switch jobs over the next 12 months compared to other age groups, at 36%, revealed a survey by PwC. Comparatively, 21% of workers surveyed indicated they will leave their current positions within the next year.

When employees were asked about the most important factors surrounding a job switch, 61% of workers said that being fairly rewarded financially was important to them, and 29% highlighted that they will ask for a pay raise. This compares to 71% and 35% respectively, among global employees.  

There were fewer respondents who had a positive outlook on their current job, with 31% saying that they are fairly rewarded financially in their job, 12% who strongly agree that their jobs are fulfilling, and 11% who strongly agree that they can bring their true selves to work. This compares to 42%, 25% and 27% respectively, worldwide. 

“What’s coming out clearly from this year’s survey is that while Singapore workers are seeking a fairer financial reward, they are also looking for employers and jobs that can provide them with greater transparency, job fulfilment and a flexible working environment,” said Chris Woo, Tax and People and Organisation, Rewards Leader, PwC Singapore.

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Other concerns raised by workers included the lack of opportunities to upskill and employers taking care of their wellbeing, particularly in a hybrid work environment. 72% of respondents prefer to work in a hybrid environment, and 74% expect their employers to be supportive of hybrid work arrangements, and to offer a flexible work approach in the next 12 months.