HRM Asia’s top five stories of October, 2019

A unique CEO, advice on trust, and another axe-swinging bank: it has been a busy month for news and views on the modern Asian workplace. 
By: | November 1, 2019

HRM Asia’s flagship website continued to grow again in October, 2019 – with a record number of users checking into the daily news, views, features, and updates from across the HR community in Asia-Pacific. Among the top stories driving that traffic was an update from the Malaysian government on its plans for a more localised workforce. Elsewhere, HSBC announced a series of job cuts across Asia-Pacific, but with the Singapore market to be largely spared the axe, and we also spoke exclusively with the California-based Chief People Officer of Workday. Ashley Goldsmith was in Singapore recently as part of her global responsibility for HR across the company.

Counting the top five stories for the month, we have:

5. Trust in organisations: Back to the basics

Deddi Tedjakumara, Executive Director of the Prasetiya Mulya Executive Learning Institute, says it’s time for organisations to focus first and foremost on building trust – both inside and outside the office.

4. A CEO who thinks like a Chief HR Officer

Sheldon Yellen is big on engaging with his 9,200 employees. So much so that he gives them all hand-written birthday cards, every single year.

3. Singapore escapes HSBC’s axe

KPMG in Singapore is taking the concept of the breakout room to the next level, with its new “smart” staff lounge – wired with the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and connected analytics.

2. “It’s hard to do anything without talented people”

Chief People Officer at Workday Ashley Goldsmith explains how important it is to attract and keep the right people for the success of an organisation.

1. Malaysian government wants more locals to replace foreign workers

The Malaysians @ Work programme targets graduates, women and apprentices with incentives for workers and companies to help create 350,000 jobs across the country.