It’s hard to do anything without talented people

Chief People Officer at Workday Ashley Goldsmith explains how important it is to attract and keep the right people for the success of an organisation.
By: | September 30, 2019

As a human capital management software provider, Workday practices what it preaches, valuing the importance of people and making sure they are happy at work. Based in California, Ashley Goldsmith, Chief People Officer at Workday, was in Singapore recently as part of her global responsibility for human resources.

‘’If you think about a company, the most important part are the humans, and the human capital within. It’s hard to innovate, it’s hard to sell, it’s hard to service, to do much of anything without talented people with you,’’ she says.

As Workday’s HR leader, a big part of her job is to ensure the company retains its strong workplace culture—a culture that’s gained it both regional and national recognition.

‘’How you attract the right talent, how you keep them, how you really energize them to perform their best work for you and your customers. That’s a challenge that every company faces. It’s hard to think how HR would not be an integral part of driving that success.