Indian employees can opt for four-day work week soon

Labour and employment secretary Apurva Chandra said the new labour codes would provide the flexibility of four working days in a week.
By: | February 11, 2021

However, the working hours limit of 48 hours for a week will remain “sacrosanct”, he said. Effectively, this means employees will need to clock 12 working hours on the days they are working. 

Chandra clarified that companies cannot increase the working hours beyond the mandated 48-hour limit for the week.  Also, companies adopting the four-day work week will need to give employees three consecutive off-days after that. 

In addition, companies will have the flexibility to either allow a four-, five- or six-day workweek, with the caveat that employers and employees must both be in agreement to the four-day week arrangement. 

Chandra said many companies are keen to provide the option for a four-day work week. “We have tried to give flexibility in working days. It is entirely possible that some employers may want to provide a five-day week. We have also come across employers who said they are keen to provide a four-day working week.”  

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The provision of the flexibility to have reduced working days of four days in the labour code will mean that companies will not need prior government approval to implement it. 

He said unions would oppose the new labour codes only if companies do not allow employees a three-day consecutive leave, according to Business Today.