LinkedIn connecting and strengthening online communities

The new LinkedIn Virtual Events solution provides a tighter integration between existing features on LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Pages.
By: | May 21, 2020

While the lockdown in many countries are beginning to be eased, many companies are expected to continue the practice of working from home in some capacity in the foreseeable future.

According to global LinkedIn data, 45% of senior leaders are considering a more permanent shift to virtual events or conferences, and 44% are evaluating more permanent remote work policies.

82% of audiences also prefer to see live streams from brands than regular social posts, LinkedIn reported.

To address the evolving needs of its professional community, LinkedIn has announced the global launch of LinkedIn Virtual Events, which underscores a tighter integration between existing features on LinkedIn Live, LinkIn Events and LinkedIn Pages.

The newly integration solution aims to help organisations stay connected and strengthen relationships with their online communities in real time.

Companies will be able to host live, real-time events in a trusted environment, attract the right professional audiences, drive strong reach and agreement, and get more mileage for their events with a dedicated hub for videos of the event on their LinkedIn pages.

They can also drive better reach with targeted audiences by sharing their event with their page followers and by sharing direct invitations of the event with their first-degree networks.

Organisers can drive strong engagement both before and after the event by posting and recommending updates to them. Once the virtual event is over, organisers can keep the conversation going with the Video tab, which is a dedicated hub for a page’s organic video content.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live has already seen 23 times more comments per post and 6 times more reactions per post than native video, helping companies foster real-time engagement with their networks.